Silver Dollar 1923 Liberty Value

silver dollar 1923 liberty value

Ask a collector or expert on coins about the Silver Dollar 1923 Liberty value, and every last one of them is likely to tell you the same thing. They will tell you that the 1923 silver dollar coin is an essential for any collector.


Silver Dollar 1923 Liberty Value

But they will also add that the value of the coin is not the same for each and every single one. There are several things that can determine the value of a coin, but with the silver dollar 1923 liberty value, there’s really one major factor that influences its overall worth in today’s marketplace.


Understanding The Value Of Any Coin

Things that determine the value of a silver dollar vary. The amount of silver inside the coin is one factor. Others include the value of silver in the current marketplace, the value of gold in the current marketplace, whether or not the coin is a proof, where the coin was created, how many are currently known to be in circulation. There can also be certain distinguishing features on a silver dollar that can help give you an idea of its current worth to collectors.


However, one of the best ways to get an idea of something such as silver dollar 1923 liberty value is to figure out where it was minted. Knowing this will give you a much clearer idea of how much that 1923 silver dollar you own or would like to buy is worth.


For example, a 1923 silver dollar with no mint mark was made in Philadelphia. The overall value of this coin is dependent upon things like its overall condition, but a premium quality coin can fetch as much as 165 dollars from a knowledgeable collector.


Silver Dollar 1923 Liberty Value Can Vary Significantly

Again, the value varies greatly. The 1923 S Peace Dollar is even more valuable. A coin of this type in poor shape is only worth less than twenty dollars, but in perfect condition, it can go for over eight thousand. The 1923 D Peace Dollar, the “D” meaning it was minted in Denver, falls into the middle of the price spectrum. A perfect condition coin of this type can potentially net you around 1300 dollars.


Once you learn which type of 1923 silver dollar is yours, or which one you would like to add to your collection (some try to get all three types), you can begin to assess the value of the coin in other ways.  This is when the silver dollar 1923 liberty value starts to get really interesting.

Is Silver A Good Investment?

Is Silver A Good Investment Strategy?

Debating the question: should you invest in silver involves important thinking processes. You should be looking at both historical and current data regarding how silver has traditionally done in the markets past and how it is projected to do in the future. You should also think about the value of silver and gold investments in your portfolio and how you intend to use them.

It is always wise to weigh all the key points of any investment of any commodity. You need to look at what has happened in years past and how those issues or events relate to present data, and how you hope or expect to see that information result in gains or losses in the future. It is important to know these details so you can decide how much to invest for your comfort and your goals.  Here is some history of the united states dollar.

in recent years it has become increasingly profitable to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. In the debate over silver vs. gold, you should consider the viability of the market for the metals. In recent years silver has become very important for industrial applications, whereas gold is not as advantageous for industry, but it has its own value as a measure for world currencies.

As the need for silver increases is has become clear that the answer to the oft asked question is silver a good investment is a resounding yes! While gold prices have sky rocketed in commodities to as high as $1,875 in 2011, the US dollar has gone down as more paper money is produced than gold is traded.

But, silver has a strong market due to its industrial applications that in turn produce jobs, which may in turn help turn the economy around. Silver prices are better controlled perhaps due to real world applications beyond jewelry and coinage. Industrial uses for silver include:

  • Electronics: cell phones, conductors, computers. Keyboards, etc.
  • Medical uses: Silver has antibiotic properties as well as other uses in medical equipment.
  • Wood preservative: This may help reduce the need for more forests cut down to replace old, damaged wood.
  • Water Purification: This is used in used in Third World Countries that need to purify their water is a simpler way than other nations with more sophisticated means for water purification.
  • Home Appliances: Washing machines and vacuums are prime examples.

Is Silver A Good Investment Compared To Gold?

Silver prices climb at a less drastic rate than gold, but they also remain stable. From 2005 to 2011 silver prices went from $7/troy oz. to $35/troy oz. Although gold climbed high really fast, the increase in the value of silver is actually better due to its steady pace.

Traditionally the ratio of gold to silver is 1 oz. gold to 16 oz. silver, but in recent years the ratio is 1 oz. gold to 50 oz. silver. This would seem to say that gold is more valuable, but that is not necessarily true. Silver has a more steady market than gold, so the silver will retain its value better, and the traditional ratio of 1:16 will return. Silver will enjoy a more consistent edge over gold.

Is Silver A Good Investment? What to do next?

You should invest in precious metals because even though the values fluctuate, the demand is constant. The supply from the mines is not always up to demand or sometimes supply is above the demand, but the profits are relative and constant. Gold and silver, as well as some other precious metals, will also have a standard of value in the World’s economy because nations value their currency on the value of gold and many nations use silver for the manufacture of their products that they import and export.

Without precious metals to drive the economy, we would remain an agrarian culture. Instead we are an industrial culture that makes and sells products within and between nations. We will always use precious metals in some form or other, whether it is coinage, jewelry, or industrial applications because precious metal is an important mover of the world’s economies that have become increasingly interlinked due to technology that was either directly or indirectly created by silver and gold.  Now that you have answered your question…Is silver a good investment, fill out the form on this page and learn all about the options available from a AAA rated business.

Invest In Silver Coins While The Market Is Hot

Learn Why You Should Invest in Silver Coins Now

Do you know the fact that investing in silver coins is much more profitable than the investment into gold and other precious metals in the market? Purchasing silver bars and coins is still one of the most viable and lucrative investments due to consistently rising inflation and economic slowdown in several countries. Buying rare silver coins such as 1923 silver dollar can yield big profits in the short term as well as in the long run. The value of such rare silver coins largely depends on few primary factors like quality of the appearance, wear and scarcity factor, etc. If you want to earn higher profits in the short term then investing into silver coins such as 1923 silver dollar can make your much more profitable.
invest in silver coins

Why Invest In Silver Coins?

The very first reason of buying silver coins is because the price of silver is consistently rising in the market every day. The second reason is that the value of rare silver coins such as the value of 1923 silver dollar is also increasing day by day in the market. There is a growing interest from the silver investors for buying right versions of silver coins in the market. Another strong reason invest in silver coins is attributed to the poor economy condition in these days. The US dollar value is continuously decreasing every day and US economy is also undergoing regression period. In such economically unsafe condition, the only safe investment is into silver coins and bars (the primary silver market).  Therefore, if you are an investor who wants safe and consistently profitable investment opportunity then you should always aim for silver coins investment.

Who Can Profit From Silver Coins Investment?

There are some people who invest into multiple commodities like Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. For those people, investment risk can be hedged easily by investing into silver coins such as 1923 silver dollar. The second type of investor is the person who likes to collect old and rare silver coins at his disposal. This is like a long term investment but it can yield huge profits in the long run. Another type of investor who can profit from the silver coins investment is the person who do not like to take much investment risk and wants to get quick returns on his/her investment. There is always a good demand for silver coins investment in the market and one can gain sizable profits by investing into such types of commodities like 1923 silver dollar.   You can find more information on this site about how to invest in silver, silver market, silver investing, and how to invest in silver.

Effective Ways To Invest In Silver Coins

There are mainly two ways by which you can purchase reliable and legitimate silver coins as a safe investment. The first way is to search local coin auctions in your area and buy the right type of silver coins. The second option is to search them on the internet. There are several online coin dealers and brokers available that can help you get the right silver coins for purchase. Just a simple search such as buy silver coins online can provide you several top websites where you can invest in silver coins online.

1923 Silver Dollar Value

1923 Silver Dollar Value

There are actually two values to consider when determining a 1923 silver dollar value. There is the “melt-value”, which is determined by the amount of silver in the coin compared to the price of silver, and then there is the collector’s value, which determines the worth based on a number of different things. The melt-value of a 1923 silver dollar is determined by the market value of .7734 troy ounces, or 25 grams of Silver. The collector’s value is determined by where it was manufactured and by the amount of damage or circulation that has been done to the coin.

1923 silver dollar value


The 1923 silver dollar is also known as the peace dollar. It is called this because on the back is prominently displayed an Eagle clutching an olive branch. It was commissioned in part to assist the world market with silver values, and in part to commemorate the end of the War. There was much debate over the initial design for the back, as the designer had originally chosen to have a broken sword displayed as well as an olive branch. Due to public outcry, the design was modified to the form we have now.

Distinguishing Marks Determine the 1923 Silver Dollar Value

There are three distinguishing marks on the 1923 silver dollar that impact its value. They are the words TRVST, E Pluribus Unum, and “AF”. TRVST is not misspelled, it is utilizing the Latin alphabet, where V is also a U. E Pluribus Unum is a continuation of the American slogan, and is on almost all currency. The AF is the designer, Anthony Di Francisci monogram. On the head side of the 1923 silver dollar is a stylized image of the artists wife, meant to resemble Lady Liberty.

The location that your 1923 silver dollar was minted can also greatly affect the price. In the event that there is no mint mark, the 1923 silver dollar was minted in Philadelphia. There were two other cities that minted the 1923 silver dollar. The Denver mint is denoted by a D. If your 1923 silver dollar has an S on it, the minting took place in San Francisco.  Both however are United States silver dollars.  The reason there is discrepancy in the values is because different mints produced different quantities of the 1923 silver dollar.

The 1923 Silver Dollar Value Is Determined By Condition

The condition of the 1923 silver dollar is probably the number one factor in determining the value of a 1923 silver dollar. Numismatists recognize the following conditions for coins – very worn condition, moderately worn, slightly worn, almost no wear and uncirculated. The value of a 1923 silver dollar that is very worn can be some thousands of dollars less than one that is uncirculated.   Those that are uncirculated obviously are more rare when searching for peace type silver dollars.

When evaluating a coin you should always go to a reputable dealer, as the value can vary greatly depending on the condition.  Cleaning silver dollars is very beneficial prior to having the coins appraised.  Because of the low 1923 silver dollar value for some of the more damaged specimens, many collectors get their start by collecting the 1923 silver dollar. With the increase in collectability of the 1923 silver dollar coin, you can be sure that the 1923 silver dollar value will only increase with time.

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