1923 Silver Dollar Value

1923 Silver Dollar Value

There are actually two values to consider when determining a 1923 silver dollar value. There is the “melt-value”, which is determined by the amount of silver in the coin compared to the price of silver, and then there is the collector’s value, which determines the worth based on a number of different things. The melt-value of a 1923 silver dollar is determined by the market value of .7734 troy ounces, or 25 grams of Silver. The collector’s value is determined by where it was manufactured and by the amount of damage or circulation that has been done to the coin.

1923 silver dollar value


The 1923 silver dollar is also known as the peace dollar. It is called this because on the back is prominently displayed an Eagle clutching an olive branch. It was commissioned in part to assist the world market with silver values, and in part to commemorate the end of the War. There was much debate over the initial design for the back, as the designer had originally chosen to have a broken sword displayed as well as an olive branch. Due to public outcry, the design was modified to the form we have now.

Distinguishing Marks Determine the 1923 Silver Dollar Value

There are three distinguishing marks on the 1923 silver dollar that impact its value. They are the words TRVST, E Pluribus Unum, and “AF”. TRVST is not misspelled, it is utilizing the Latin alphabet, where V is also a U. E Pluribus Unum is a continuation of the American slogan, and is on almost all currency. The AF is the designer, Anthony Di Francisci monogram. On the head side of the 1923 silver dollar is a stylized image of the artists wife, meant to resemble Lady Liberty.

The location that your 1923 silver dollar was minted can also greatly affect the price. In the event that there is no mint mark, the 1923 silver dollar was minted in Philadelphia. There were two other cities that minted the 1923 silver dollar. The Denver mint is denoted by a D. If your 1923 silver dollar has an S on it, the minting took place in San Francisco.  Both however are United States silver dollars.  The reason there is discrepancy in the values is because different mints produced different quantities of the 1923 silver dollar.

The 1923 Silver Dollar Value Is Determined By Condition

The condition of the 1923 silver dollar is probably the number one factor in determining the value of a 1923 silver dollar. Numismatists recognize the following conditions for coins – very worn condition, moderately worn, slightly worn, almost no wear and uncirculated. The value of a 1923 silver dollar that is very worn can be some thousands of dollars less than one that is uncirculated.   Those that are uncirculated obviously are more rare when searching for peace type silver dollars.

When evaluating a coin you should always go to a reputable dealer, as the value can vary greatly depending on the condition.  Cleaning silver dollars is very beneficial prior to having the coins appraised.  Because of the low 1923 silver dollar value for some of the more damaged specimens, many collectors get their start by collecting the 1923 silver dollar. With the increase in collectability of the 1923 silver dollar coin, you can be sure that the 1923 silver dollar value will only increase with time.

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